BIO 930 video

The Bio- Shredder model Bio 930 represents the medium-high range of Caravaggi production. The machine is provided with a rotor of 22 mobile and reversible hammers, which last of 200-350 hours depends on the kind of material to shred. The conveyor belt is 130 mm wide and 2500 long with a shutter-type structure and high sides. The Bio 930 is available in diesel, electric engine and tractor power takeoff. The diesel engine is mounted under a bonnet, which is designed for continuous use with a “no-stress system” clutch. The Bio 930 has been created for shredding sawn-off branches, grass, leaves, trunks, wooden and cardboard packing cases as pallets, etc. The output production is about 30/60 m3/h depending on the type of material shredded. The material’s flowing is controlled by an electronic belt speed control device interconnected with the shredding rotor rotation speed.