BIO 300 video

The shredder BIO 300 grinds vegetable refuse and assimilable materials such as green and dry prunings, soil, bark, wood packing, cardboard, etc. The BIO 300 model is a professional shredder which uses a movable hammer system. It can grind all types of green waste. Its grinding chamber is made of a movable, reversible 40 hammer mill. Hammers have a durability of 200/250 hours, according to the consistency of the materialground. The maximum diameter that can be ground is approx. 10 cm. The width of the rotormeasures 33 cm and so it may also be used for grinding fruit and vegetable boxes. Grinding is regulated by means of a grill. Material is fed into the machine with a hydraulic roller and automatically controlled acording to is bulk and shape on entry. Available versions: with tractor attachment. with 2 wheels for trasportation. Accessories: ground material load fan at 2 mt and 80 km/h highspeed chassis.