BIO 1250

The Bio 1250 Bio-Shredder is part of our medium-high quality range of products. The rotor comes with reversable moving hammers which last 150-200 hours, depending on the type of material to shred. The feel belt is 1250 mm wide and 3500 mm long with a shutter-type structure and high sides.
• FOR TRACTOR: reccomended HP: 120/180
• WITH TURBO DIESEL ENGINE: installed HP: 235/302 HP
The silenced diesel engine is housed under a sound-proof bonnet designed for continuous use with a “NO STRESS” clutch. The Bio 1250 is deal for shredding SAWN-OFF BRANCHES, GRASS, LEAVES, WOODEN AND CARDBOARD PACKING CASES, WASTE FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, WOODEN BOXES, PALLETS, etc. Output ranges from 60 to 90 mc3/h depending on the type of material shredded. The control position is such that the operator has a constant view of the whole working area. The flow of material is controlled by an ELECTRONIC BELT SPEED CONTROL DEVICE synchronized with the SHREDDING ROTOR rotation speed.
This shredding system using mobile hammers is unique in that the size of the shredded materila can be adjustes using counter-hammers.